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League B Standings are up!

Posted by Nights on October 18, 2010 at 7:01 AM Comments comments (0)

So now that the 1st week is done, I'll start getting some info over here and once I get some time (and more raw data from Nabeel - or anyone else) I'll do a collateral standings that I'll update every month or so. (And guess who's dominating the league right now?)


If anyone wants to help from league A, C or D, just copy paste the WHOLE standings (from the titles up top to the last team's moves) into a notepad file, then just e-mail them to me over (rochce @). Thanks to whoever helps.

Fantasy season started!

Posted by Nights on October 7, 2010 at 3:08 PM Comments comments (0)

So now that we officially have NHL hockey back, I just wanted to give out a reminder to set your teams, and that if ever you have problems on some level, whether it be understanding how something happenned or just some general queries about Fantasy Hockey itself, you can post them over here. Me and (likely) Nabeel, along with whomever else who holds knowledge, will have the pleasure of responding.


Every week, I plan to copy-paste the standings form league B over here. Nabeel, don't forget to do the same later. At the end of each month we should put up the stats for the month (I know where to find them). And then, also at the end of each month, if I can, I'll put up the top rosters from each league, and also attempt a colateral standings with all 70 some participants we have this year.


Hopefully, this is the first of many years...


Enjoy, have fun and hope you're not insulted when I leave you in the dust (league B).


Draft tonight boys!

Posted by Nights on September 12, 2010 at 5:36 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a friendly reminder that the drafts all start tonight @ 8:00 PM EDT (or EST, I never know which... GMT - 5 nonehteless). If you can't be there and have time, go and edit your draft rankings. If you'll be there, then start the prep. If you're in league B, stop it now : you have no chance :P


Also, thought that it would be nice of me to mention that I'll be able to answer any questions regarding the format, more specific yahoo stuff, etc... Please post these in the forums under the "Yahoo!" section.


Apart from that, happy drafting (or unhappy realisations that you're being school'd in league B).


Posted by Nabeel on September 12, 2010 at 5:26 AM Comments comments (1)

I used:



I have sent an email from that site to everyone whos email address is showing under Yahoo.. Those who have hidden their email addresses, I cant not send it to you but I will link up the verification page here!


There is no fraud or set up to these draft orders as those who got the email, will know that its legit. Please do check out the website if someone wants to fully verify it!


You can also click the "HERE" and it will take you to the verification page!




Nabeel has used the random draft order generator for the MLHS Fantasy League A.


You may verify your league's draft order by clicking here.


Draft Details:


ID: 201000470


Date: Sept. 12 2010


Time: 8 PM EST


Location: Yahoo!


The following draft order was randomly generated for your league:


1.Toronto Maple Leafs


3.Tim Horton's

4.Belak Sabbath

5.._/ GLG \_.


7.Kevin's Kryptonite

8.square pegs O holes

9.Flappy Paddle

10.reversethecurse 67


12.Cactus Eyes


14.Rumbling Rednecks


16.Kadri's Kids


18.Maple WIll Knots

19.Lion Claw

20.Carlton's Bears


Have a Great Season,


This draft randomly generated 2010-09-12 05:24:43





*I have added LeafsClutched as the 20th person as Im sure he will register his team by today (sunday)!

******* League B, I accidently click generate draft order twice hence people probably got 2 emails. I was not aware of the first draft order and got the 2nd order on my screen where Leafsclutched has the 1st overall pick, and I will go with that as I was not aware a draft order was already created jus seconds ago since the “double click”. Sorry if it upsets anyone.


Nabeel has used the random draft order generator for the MLHS Fantasy League B.

You may verify your league's draft order by clicking here.


Draft Details:

Date: Sept. 12 2010

Time: 8 PM EST

Location: Yahoo!


The following draft order was randomly generated for your league:




3.White And Nerdy!!

4.Maple Leafs Gardener







11.Big Blue



14.daniel marois




18.Krupp There It Is

19.Nights' Leafs



Have a Great Season,


Content copyright 2010 Draft Kit. All rights reserved.





***There are currently 14 people in the leauge, 2 more I  have emailed to sign up, if they do, they will get the 15th and 16th picks, if they dont sign up, League C will have 2 divisions of 7 teams each!


Nabeel has used the random draft order generator for the MLHS Fantasy League C.


You may verify your league's draft order by clicking here.


Draft Details:

Date: Sept. 12 2010

Time: 8 PM EST

Location: Yahoo!


The following draft order was randomly generated for your league:




3.Odd Man Rush


5.Old Redd



8.smashmouth hockey



11.tmlfan's team

12.2010-1967=43-- Kadri

13.Charlies Shotguns



Have a Great Season,


Content copyright 2010 Draft Kit. All rights reserved.



Nabeel has used the random draft order generator for the MLHS Fantasy League D.


You may verify your league's draft order by clicking here.


Draft Details:

Date: Sept. 12 2010

Time: 8 PM EST

Location: Yahoo!


The following draft order was randomly generated for your league:


1.derek's devils


3.Mind Bomb


5.Hockey Hoser

6.Surreal McCoy


8.The Hound Line


10.King Kabby


12.Vacant Vipers

13.Bleeding Blue

14.Toronto St. Patricks


16.The Rebuilding Years


Have a Great Season,


Content copyright 2010 Draft Kit. All rights reserved.



I am very sleepy and I apologize for delaying this but had things come up. I will fix the divisions up and fix everything before the draft starts.. Good luck to everyone and please set your pre-draft rankings!

Waiting list:

Posted by Nabeel on September 8, 2010 at 7:12 PM Comments comments (0)


GO blue and white










10 people still have not registered a team on Yahoo!. You have until Friday 8 pm to do so or else, your spot will be taken by those on the waiting list!



The moment has finally arrived!

Posted by Nabeel on September 6, 2010 at 7:51 AM Comments comments (2)

--Please check your emails that you registered this site with, all the info (league ID/password) is given to you!!!--


I apologize for taking this long, but it was very important to sort some things out. I would first like to thank Night/KevinC for their time and effort as they are the masterminds behind the rules of the fantasy league.



Good news, everything is set and ready to go. I was disappointed to see only 43 people left comments on the Sign up thread, and we have 69 members signed up. None the less, those who didnt comment weren't slotted in the right league as I am not aware of their experience level. I did my best to balance out all the leagues.


Since we have 69 people signed up (including me), it was impossible to fit everyone in one league as Yahoo have a maximum of 20 teams in a league. Furthermore, I had to be part of every league as I will be the Commish to make it fair for everyone trade wise, since we wont have a VETO system, the trades will get accepted/rejected by me.


Basically there are going to be 4 leagues in play, two of the leagues containing 20 players and 2 leagues containing 16 players. I will be part of every league in order to be the commishner of it. Since we had 68 people sign up (excluding myself), and when I add myself 4 times, we have a total of 72 players. Hence, 20-20-16-16 was the result, as we will be having 4 divisions in all the leagues. The reason for the divisions, basically it creates more competition as its Head-to-Head, and its really interesting to have a setup like this.


I urge everyone to please check their email which they have used to sign up on here, as I have sent everyone an email containing this article, their respected league ID and password.


There is another cool feature added by Yahoo; they have actually made it easier for us to track our leagues by letting me setup a custom url link to the league. Each league has its own custom url which everyone MUST bookmark it for easier access.


The draft for all 4 leagues will take place on Sunday at 8 pm, September the 12th, 2010. If anyone has an issue with that timing, please let me know, if the majority of you guys cant make it, I can surely work it around, but if there are 70% of the people okay with the draft time, I will not change it. Dont worry, just go on Yahoo and set up your pre-draft rankings, I cant set a time which will be reasonable to 69 people, so please let me know now before its too late.


*** As I mentioned, I will be emailing everyone this blog + their respected league ID and password for Yahoo Fantasy League. I encourage everyone not to share the league ID and password, as I have spent some time to make all 4 leagues fair and competitive. I have made the leagues competitive to those who are experienced and competitive to those who arent new as they will be going through the learning curve. ***


Also when you do register for the Yahoo league, do not worry about the divisions, I will place you guys in the divisions that I have created for everyone. I will post all the League + divisions here!


If you guys have any question, feel free to leave me a message on this site or at!


I have created a thread "Yahoo! help", where if anyone is struggling or has questions about how to do something on the Yahoo league, post it there and myself or anyone who has used Yahoo league before will be happy to help you!




League A:


Division 1:





Sean Stock



Divison 2:



Tim Horton



Divison 3:








Divison 4:







Leauge B:


Division 1:





Amidst tundra


Divison 2:








Divison 3:








Division 4:






Daniel Marois

League C:

Division 1:


Black Hawk





Divison 2:


Shotgun Charlie





Division 3:




Gary Shields



Division 4:




Odd Man Rush



League D:


Division 1:







Division 2:







Division 3:




Mind Bomb



Division 4:



the Surreal McCoy



MLHSFL Official Rules

Posted by Nights on September 3, 2010 at 11:04 PM Comments comments (0)

So we have finally come to a concensus on the league rules along with the overall setup.


There will be three leagues, all titled "MLHS Fantasy League" followed with an "A", "B" or "C".


Nabeel will be the commisionner of all three leagues, and as such he'll be part of all three. I will be in two leagues (yahoo hard caps in 4, and I already have two) for stat following purposes. We both are the ONLY pair to be in more then one league.


The sign-ups will be over Sunday, and after the sign-up period ends, Nabeel will be sending e-mails with more information, including which leagues you are in, the password, league ID, etc. Please, only join the league you are assigned to. This is important as Nabeel has spread out the experienced vets and the rookies to give everyone a fair challenge.


All drafts have a tentative date and time of Sept 12th @ 8PM EST. Could change if a majority cannot make it, but it's the best time we have right now.


As for the leagues themselves, after much deliberation, we've come to the following set-up :


Roster :

2 of each C, LW, RW, F.

4 D

2 G

3 BN

2 IR


Might not seem like a lot, but there should be approximately 20 teams in each league, and as such, this makes for a deep setup nonetheless.


Stats :

Now, for starters, we've debated quite a bit. We've finished up with the followign set up. We're going at it H2H style (stats are ammassed each week against an opponent. Whoever has most in a certain category wins that category. Whoever wins the most cats wins the week.)


Skaters : G, A, P, +/-, PIM, Hits, SOG, Shot%, PPP

Goalies : W, SV, SV%, GAA, SO


Breaking it down, offense is a focal point (G, A, P, PPP, SOG, SH%), while defense still has it's meaning (+/-, PIM, HIT) giving players like Komisarek and Schenn a bit of value (albeit still small).


Goalies have 5 categories. SV are added as a detriment ot those who would get, say, 2 SO's and a 1 goal came and who camp on them all week. (W did this before, but adding SV makes it more fair).


Each league will have 4 divisions. Each division winner gets the top four playoff spots, with the top 4 overall makign up for the next 4 spots.


Each Monday (approx), me and Nabeel will post the standings from each league over on this site for tracking purposes. We also have talked about a "special" aspect we'd like to include, but we'll see how this year works out first.


Any feedback, comments? Please do so in the forum post dedicated to it, as I'm not confident this website's comment section will hold.

Please Reply

Posted by Nabeel on August 31, 2010 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (25)

** I know the comment section is having issues, please click on forums--> General discussions and respond to "Blog comments"


I will fix this issue soon


This is what I had typed up for MLHS, but have gotten no reply from the admins so here:


Hello kind people, I apologize for not keeping everyone updated with the MLHS Fantasy League. I have been pretty busy and in situations I would never want anyone to be in. To cut the talk short:


I went through the sign ups at and noticed only 31 people have signed up. I urge everyone to please sign up, the deadline for signups will be September 5th 2010, giving everyone 5 days notice. If anyone signs up after the 5th, I will not guarantee you anything.


Moreover, looking at the sign up thread, half indicated they are good with the free league with others indicated they are good with either. This is for those who want Cash League, please indicate through the comments how many people will part take in the Cash league. If you do take part in the cash league, you will still be allowed to take part in the free league. Two leagues will be on hand here, Cash (If we get enough people for this) and Free. If there are more than 10 people for the cash league, I would need someone to take care of that as I do not have the experience or want to get into the money dealings.

Maximum teams allowed in a league are 20 members for head to head. In that case, we will have 2 leagues as of now since there are 31 people signed up, if more sign up, we will expand it.

I will be the commissioner, as I will decide for the trades; there will be no veto system as that never works out.


I need one person to help me with this whole process as that person will help me choose the statistical categories and roster positions. Please let me know through the comments if you’re interested and the person whoever posts first will be the “chosen one”.

Everyone, please sign up at the website posted above, and please let me know what statistical categories and roster positions you would like to have.


Since the deadline is on the 5th September for sign ups, everything else will be finalized on Sept 5th. This includes the league structure, rules, roster positions, statistical categories etc.


All suggestions are welcome!


Draft should take place on September 12th, time will be determined later on. If anyone has an issue please let me know before hand!! IT WILL BE A LIVE DRAFT!


**** Already found the person to help me with: Nights.. unless you have changed your mind, please let me know!




Sign up!

Posted by Nabeel on July 17, 2010 at 5:59 AM Comments comments (4)

Welcome to Maple Leafs Hot Stove Fantasy Hockey League!!


Sorry for the hassle, but I thought it would be much easier to communicate and handle a Fantasy League with a seperate web page.


Please sign up, I know many have shown interest and this will help to settle things down.


If anyone wants to help, please email me or I will make a forum topic about it.



Please go to the sign up thread (Click Forums) and fill out the info!


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